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Troop 54


Not reinventing the wheel !!! ​ Just a new set of tyres on my car, come join our journey !!



Built on friendship, driven by passion, equal only to our imagination

An odd phrase to a page, but it has become my passion of late. Born from a glib comment, re-inventing the wheel, my good friend Mark punned the phrase, new tyres on your car.

It’s stuck with me and is now part of our drive, our journey together as friends not just customers or colleges or acquaintances. Friends with a shared passion.

Troop54 is smaller, based around 54mm figures mainly, but will include other scales too, with limited release products which will not be kept in production . It will be different but similar to stormtroopers hence seperate.

All products in the range will be produced in batches limited by demand and will tend to come and go from the store. Some will never return. The hobby is broad and there is a lot of choice now. Some products by their very choice will be of limited interest so if it is what you really want dont delay.

About me !!!! boring !!! big kid,,like miniatures,,like sculpting,,love my hobby.


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